6.23.22 UPDATE: The Town of Gilford is now accepting #6 plastic (expanded polystyrene), more commonly referred to as foam or Styrofoam. Residents can bring foam material to the Gilford Solid Waste Center (GSWC) during normal business hours. We will be collecting the foam in a large container for a few weeks until the new foam densifying unit is fully set up and our staff has received training. In the meantime, we are collecting loose foam so please bring us your “clean and empty” foam when you stop by to recycle and dispose of your trash. With any recyclable material there are items our vendors can accept and items we cannot accept so we ask that you read the new Foam Recycling 101 Flyer first to help us keep the recycling stream clean. Thank you for helping us to start an exciting new recycling initiative!

Background: The Gilford Department of Public Works (DPW) recently became aware of an initiative by the NH Network Plastics Work Group and several District Governors of Rotary Club to start foam recycling in Northern New England. This work group is looking to reduce foam (polystyrene) waste in landfills, save money on trash disposal costs and potentially generate revenue to NH, MA & VT communities. The group was connected with Foam Cycle, LLC out of New Jersey who has a patented foam densifying unit. Work group discussions are held bi-weekly around the goal of creating a "hub and spoke" system throughout northern New England for foam collection and recycling.