Public Works Administration


Driveway Permit


Dig & Trench Permit

No Charge

Public Sewer – Initial Connection


Public Sewer – Repair Existing / Disconnect / Reconnect


Transfer Station Coupons (Laconia)


Recycle Coupons (Vehicle Specific)

$20 to $160

Directional Sign Permit – Initial cost


Driveway Permit - Permit is required for all new access, second access, repairing or repaving.  Permit is good for six (6) months only unless construction is started and maintained.

Dig & Trench Permit - Required to insure that pavement/shoulder is restored in a timely manner when digging in town right of way.       

Public Sewer Permit - Permit is required for all new access (an additional fee exists to connect directly to the state line) Permit is also required for disconnecting and reconnecting to sewer line.

Transfer Station Coupons - The Laconia Transfer Station no longer accepts cash. Transfer Station coupons may be purchased at the Department of Public Works Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or at the Town Hall.  Each coupon is good for one trip in up to 2,000 pounds of municipal waste, and they do not expire.

Recycle Center Coupons - Required for stumps, chunk wood (logs over six feet need to be cut into manageable lengths) asphalt and concrete debris. Coupons may be purchased at the Department of Public Works Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm.

(a) Residential Vehicles

2 free visits per month to dispose of non-recyclable and earthen debris, thereafter $20.00 per visit

(b) Pickup truck

$20.00 per visit

(c) 1 ton truck

$40.00 per visit

(d) 6 wheel truck

$60.00 per visit

(e) 10 wheel truck

$80.00 per visit

(f) Cherry picker 10 wheel

$120.00 per load

(g) Trailer dump (25 tons)

$160.00 per load

Directional Signs - In keeping with the Towns sign ordinance applicants wishing to use the directional signage carry the cost of installation, sign construction, lighting with yearly electrical consumption costs and annual maintenance costs, pro-rated to the number of users and covering all such town directional signs.

First business application


Additional business application


Yearly renewal permit application


Repair/Replacement cost