Real estate bills are warranted to the Tax Collector by the Board of Selectmen semi- annually. The first billing is mailed by the end of May each year. The first billing is one half of the prior entire year's tax and is generally due approximately July 1. It is a prepayment credited to the final bill.

The second half bill is mailed in late October and is based upon the new tax rate set each year by the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration. The entire year's tax, minus the amount billed in May is billed at this time. The second half bill is generally due approximately December 1 of each year.

Interest (effective 04/01/19) at 8 percent (on current taxes/sewer/water) per annum is charged on each bill after the due date.

The tax year is April 1 to March 31 each year. The above bills do not cover any specific portion of that year. The Town cannot be a party to the proration of taxes at the time of closing. That is an agreement made between buyer and seller.

The Office of the Appraiser handles assessment of property, credits and exemptions.
Property tax bills and assessments are a matter of public record.

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All bills warranted to the Tax Collector (real estate, sewer, water, yield, current use, etc.) are annually married together into one tax lien.  Notice of tax delinquencies is mailed by certified mail to the owner of the property at the last known address thirty days prior to the lien being placed.  The lien is recorded at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds. The lien is purchased by the Town of Gilford.

All tax, interest to the date of lien and costs associated with the lien become a principal amount on the lien date. Interest at 12 percent per annum is then charged on that principal to the date of payment.

This office does not report liens to any credit bureaus. However, recording of liens at the Registry of Deeds makes them a public record. Credit bureaus may then obtain the information for recording on your credit report. Mortgagees are notified of the lien.
Redemption of a lien can be made for two years and one day after the recording of the lien. If the lien is not paid, the Tax Collector may write a deed for the property to the Town of Gilford.


If you are elderly, disabled, blind, a veteran or veteran's spouse, or are unable to pay taxes due to poverty or other good cause, you may be eligible for a tax exemption, credit, abatement or deferral.

For details contact the Office of the Appraiser at (603) 527-4704.

Low and Moderate Income Tax Relief contact: Department of Revenue Administration

Telephone number 603-230-5000