Town Officials and Staff

Water System OperatorGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Adam C. BatstoneDetective SergeantGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Adam GravelleFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Adam P. VanSteensburg LieutenantGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Adrianna AntonopoulosMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Al RollinsMemberConservation Commission
Alex SimoneauFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Alexandra BreedCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Alexandra BreedTrusteeTrustees of Trust Funds
Alexandrea N. HoganPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Alexis JacksonChairLibrary Trustees
Alyssa RaxterSchool Resource OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Amanda WentzelCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Amber LaTorreCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Amber LaTorreCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Amelia N. SweezeyP/T Communications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Andrew HoweMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Angelo FarruggiaCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Angelo R. PapadopoulosPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Ann SaulnierCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Anthony Gentile Patrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Ardy EatonCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Arielle AllenAssitant DirectorGilford Public Library
Becky WrightAccount ClerkFinance Department
Bill and Diane MullerCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Bob McLeanSchool Board RepresentativeBudget Committee
Bradley OberDeputy Fire ChiefFire-Rescue
Brandon FlanaganFirefighter/EMTFire-Rescue
Brittni StewartDirector of Parks & RecreationParks & Recreation Department
Brooke A. AriasCommunications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Bruce HewittSolid Waste SupervisorPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Bryan FennFirefighter/AEMT Fire-Rescue
Call CompanyCall CompanyFire-Rescue
Carole HallChairConservation Commission
Carolyn ScattergoodVice ChairPlanning Board
Chan EddyBoard of Selectmen RepresentativePlanning Board
Chan EddyBoard of Selectmen Representative - AlternateHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Chandler S. PoukPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Charlene BoulangerExecutive SecretaryFire-Rescue
Charlene L. Crowell Communications Supervisor/CTOGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Charlotte E. LandowVolunteerGilford Police Department
Chris BanksAlternateRecreation Commission
Chrissy BloodExecutive AssistantTown AdministratorEmail:
Connor JohnsonPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Curtis N. ArsenaultSchool Resource OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Curtis P. MaillouxSergeant/K9 OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Dale BrownCommunications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Dale Channing EddyClerkBoard of Selectmen
Dan TinkhamCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Danielle LaFondTown Clerk - Tax CollectorTown Clerk - Tax CollectorEmail:
Dave SmithMemberRecreation Commission
Diane & Jerry MaherCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Diane TinkhamSecretaryLibrary Trustees
Dion DeCarliLieutenant/AEMTFire-Rescue
Donna and Roy CuddahyCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Dorothy PiquadoCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Douglas HillBoard MemberConservation Commission
Douglas R. WallSergeantGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Duncan PhillipsFirefighter/ParamedicFire-Rescue
Dustin DrewFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Dustin H. ParentCaptainGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Emily DrakeMemberPlanning Board
Emily DrakePlanning Board RepresentativeHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Eric T. Bredbury Sergeant/ProsecutorGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Ethie RitsonCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Everett Peter AllenChairCemetery Trustees
Gail TebbettsMemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Gary GeoffroyAlternateConservation Commission
Gaye FedorchakMemberPlanning Board
Gaye FedorchakChairBudget Committee
George Lane, CBOBuilding Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer/Health OfficerBuilding Inspector - Code Enforcement OfficerEmail:
George Lane, CBOBuilding Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer/Health OfficerPlanning and Land Use DepartmentEmail:
George Lane, CBOBuilding Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer/Health OfficerHealth OfficerEmail:
Giselle LambertVice-ChairCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Gus BenavidesChairBoard of Selectmen
Gus BenavidesBoard of Selectmen RepresentativeBudget Committee
Hayden JuriusTechnology and Young AdultGilford Public Library
Howard EpsteinCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Hunter BriggemanPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Irene LachanceSupervisorSupervisors of the Checklist
J'Lillian MelloChildren's ServicesGilford Public Library
J. Kevin HayesSelectmen RepresentativeCapital Improvements Planning Committee
J. Kevin HayesVice-ChairBoard of Selectmen
Jack LandowMemberPlanning Board
Jack M. LandowVolunteerGilford Police Department
Jackie FallonAssessing TechnicianAssessing OfficeEmail:
James GloverMemberRecreation Commission
Jane V. MacfadzenP/T Communications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Jason LaBonteHead MechanicPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Jason PaltanavichDeputy Code Enforcement OfficerBuilding Inspector - Code Enforcement OfficerEmail:
Jeanin OnosSchool Board ReprentativeCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Jeffrey MadonLieutenant/AEMTFire-Rescue
Jennifer CarrierCommunications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Jenny HancockParks & Recreation Director (Technical Advisor)Old Home Day Committee
Jerecho R.A. McNeilPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Jill MulliganAlternate MemberPlanning Board
John "Jack" T. LymanEngineerBoard of Fire Engineers
John Ayer, AICPDirector of Planning & Land UsePlanning and Land Use DepartmentEmail:
Johnna-Dee DavisCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Joseph GeraciCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Joshua RitsonMemberBudget Committee
Karen and Bruce ThurstonCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Karen GossTreasurerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Karl GouldTechnical AdvisorKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Katherine DavisFinance DirectorFinance DepartmentEmail:
Katherine DormodyDirectorGilford Public Library
Kathie MerriamCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Kerri RicciMemberBudget Committee
Kevin CarlisleSewer System TechnicianPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Kevin HayesBoard of Selectmen Representative - AlternateBudget Committee
Kevin HayesBoard of Selectmen RepresentativeHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Kevin HayesBoard of Selectmen Representative - AlternatePlanning Board
Kevin HayesAlternate RepresentativeZoning Board of Adjustment
Kim HoranTechnical Assistant/ PT Communications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Kim RemickFirefighter/ParamedicFire-Rescue
Kimberly Zyla SalanitroTreasurerTreasurer
Kristian J. KelleyChiefGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Kristin JarviCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Kurt HoustonCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Kyle TibbettsHighway SuperintendentPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Lachlan PlacheFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Larry RouthierVice ChairmanZoning Board of Adjustment
Larry RouthierVice-ChairConservation Commission
Lawrence RouthierChairCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Leonid A. BaryshevPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Linda BettoneyChildren's Library AsssistantGilford Public Library
Lisa H. KochVolunteerGilford Police Department
Lisa Mans-BuckleyAlternateRecreation Commission
Logan A. TomasettiPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Lynne DeVivoMemberHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Marsha McGinleyAssessing TechnicianAssessing Office
Mary VillaumeSupervisor, ChairSupervisors of the Checklist
Matthew SaulnierRecreation SpecialistParks & Recreation DepartmentEmail:
Matthew WhitneyBuilding & Grounds SuperintendentPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Max FisherLibrary AssistantGilford Public Library
Meghan E. NoyesPart Time Patrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Meghan Theriault, P.E.Director of Public WorksPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Michael MarshallTreasurerLibrary Trustees
Michelle BlakeCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Michelle CrumbSecretaryPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Miriam YorkSecretaryRecreation Commission
Miriam YorkSupervisor & Recreation Commission SecretarySupervisors of the Checklist
Molly HarperLibrary AssistantGilford Public Library
Nathan J. AyottePatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Nathan LandryFirefighter/ParamedicFire-Rescue
Nathan LemayFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Pamela ClarkeVolunteerGilford Police Department
Patricia BennettSecretaryKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Patricia MyersOlder adult OutreachGilford Public Library
Peter & Christine BowlerCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Peter AllenAlternateRecreation Commission
Peter EllisTrusteeLibrary Trustees
Purvi PatelCommittee MemberBudget Committee
Rae Mello-AndrewsVice-ChairCemetery Trustees
Randolph A. MacdonaldVolunteerGilford Police Department
Rebecca DiGirolomoBelknap County Cooperative Extension, Technical AdvisorKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Rebecca WatsonCommittee MemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Richard A. GrenierCommittee MemberCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Richard GrenierAlternate MemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Richard HaidulCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Richard M. BrewerPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Richard SoniaChairHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Rick MosesTrusteeTrustees of Trust Funds
Rick NelsonChairmanRecreation Commission
Rick NotkinAlternate MemberPlanning Board
Robert BrownBoard MemberConservation Commission
Robert MacPheeMemberKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Roger AndrewsCommissionerGunstock Acres Village Water DistrictEmail:
Roger WeeksOperations ManagerPublic Works DepartmentEmail:
Ronald B. SkinnerEngineerBoard of Fire Engineers
Ronda ReimersCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Ryan BrownLieutenant/AEMTFire-Rescue
Sandra HartTechnical AssistantPlanning and Land Use DepartmentEmail:
Sandra McGonagleChairKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Sandra T. McGonagleModeratorModerator
Sandy BelandDeputy Town Clerk - Tax CollectorTown Clerk - Tax Collector
Scott DavisMemberZoning Board of Adjustment
Scott DunnTown AdministratorTown AdministratorEmail:
Scott DunnTown Administrator, Technical AdvisorKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Scott MooneyFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Shaun P. DutilePolice ChaplainGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Stephen CarrierFire ChiefFire-Rescue
Sue JensenBookkeeperFinance Department
Sue KingCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Sue KingProgram Assistant & Old Home Day Committee MemberParks & Recreation DepartmentEmail:
Tessa L. Stevens Executive Secretary/Communications SpecialistGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Thom FrancoeurVice ChairRecreation Commission
Thomas CarrWelfare DirectorFinance DepartmentEmail:
Thomas Francoeur TrusteeLibrary Trustees
Tim NolanTown Forester, Technical AdvisorKimball Wildlife Forest Committee
Tobias WarnerFirefighter/EMT Fire-Rescue
Tom CarrWelfare DirectorWelfare OfficeEmail:
Tom DrouinBoard MemberConservation Commission
Troy A. WallaceDetectiveGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
Troy SchruppSecretaryHistoric District & Heritage Commission
Tyler EmondFirefighter/AEMTFire-Rescue
Tyler T. BredburyPatrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
VacantBudget Committee RepresentativeCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Valerie ChaseCommittee MemberOld Home Day Committee
Valerie ChaseVice ChairBudget Committee
Valerie ChaseSecretaryCemetery Trustees
Wayne HallChairmanPlanning Board
Wayne HallPlanning Board RepresentativeCapital Improvements Planning Committee
Wesley J. de Sousa Part Time Patrol OfficerGilford Police DepartmentEmail:
William AkerleyChairmanBoard of Fire Engineers
William Chris Ray, Jr.TrusteeTrustees of Trust Funds
William JohnsonMemberPlanning Board
William KnightlyChairmanZoning Board of Adjustment
William MacLeanVolunteerGilford Police Department

Town of Gilford, NH

47 Cherry Valley Rd. Gilford, NH 03249

(603) 527-4700