Planning Board

Regular Meeting

Planning Board

Meeting Location: Town Hall
Conference Room A
Meeting Date: Mon, May 15 2017 at 07:00pm

Attached Meeting Minutes

The Planning Board meets on the first and third Mondays of each month.

Gilford Planning Board
Notice of Public Hearing
May 15, 2017
Gilford Town Hall
Conference Room A
47 Cherry Valley Road
Gilford, NH  03249
7:00 P.M.

The Gilford Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, May 15, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in Conference Room A in the Gilford Town Hall, to consider the applications below.  Once an application is accepted as complete, the public hearing will follow.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.


    1.1    LESLIE R. AND LINDA A. SCHUSTER – Applicants are proposing to create a fenced outside patio dining area where alcohol could be served and music played     including live music, create an outdoor cooking and barbeque area, create a new entrance to the fitness center and expand the enclosure for this entrance, expand a     utility shed, and host outdoor events on the site that is located at 580 Cherry Valley Road on Tax Map & Lot #253-016.000 in the Resort Commercial (RC) Zone.      Amended Site Plan Review.  Application #2017000122.

    1.2    ELIZABETH OSWALD – Applicant proposes to open a restaurant/café with seating for up to approximately fifty (50) patrons plus a supervised indoor children’s     play area on property located in Units 201 and 202 at 401 Gilford Avenue on Tax Map & Lot #210-014.201 and #210-014.202 in the Professional Commercial (PC) Zone and     the Aquifer Protection District.  Amended Site Plan Review.  Application #2017000123.

    1.3    DOUGLAS BEANE/TOY BOX MARINE & STORAGE FACILITY, LLC – Applicant proposes to expand parking to include a driveway aisle to be shared with adjacent parcel,     pave existing gravel parking area, widen the existing site access and make other related site improvements at 41 Glendale Place on Tax Map & Lot #242-136.200 in the     Resort Commercial (RC) Zone and Aquifer Protection District.  Amended Site Plan Review.  Application #2017000124.

    1.4    DOUGLAS J. BEANE/TOY BOX MARINE & STORAGE LLC 2 – Applicant proposes a mixed use commercial storage, boat storage, and office/sales facility in two (2)         buildings with Building #1 being 5,040 square feet and Building #2 being 7,000 square feet, together with related site improvements including site drainage,     landscaping, and parking, on property located at 49 Glendale Place on Tax Map & Lot #242-135.000 in the Resort Commercial (RC) Zone and Aquifer Protection District.      Site Plan Review.  Application #2017000125.





If you have questions or wish to obtain further information, please contact the Town of Gilford Department of Planning and Land Use at (603) 527-4727, or stop by the DPLU office at the Gilford Town Hall, 47 Cherry Valley Road, Gilford, New Hampshire 03249.

Town of Gilford, NH

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