Vehicle Registrations & Titles

Vehicle Registrations

You always start with this office when you need to do new registrations, a renewal registration or a transfer registration. A permit will be prepared and the calculation made for the appropriate fee.

The Town Clerk is an online Municipal Agent appointed by the State of New Hampshire. As an online Municipal Agent this office is permitted to perform some functions for the Department of Safety to complete the registration process. The registrant has the option of availing themselves of the service (fee $2.50 per registration), mailing the permit to Concord (time permitting) or visiting theConcord Motor Vehicle office or any State of New Hampshire substation. The DMV now requires that we see a Driver's License with each transaction.

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Vehicle Titles

Vehicles 2000 or newer shall be title according to state statute. The previous title or Manufacturers Statement of Origin may be required as supporting documents. Circumstances and conditions vary. It is advisable to inquire which paperwork will be necessary in your particular circumstance. You may telephone the Office of Town Clerk-Tax Collector at (603) 527-4713.


A transfer registration is when you have taken a vehicle (vehicle A) off the road, and you are registering a new vehicle (vehicle B). A transfer allows you to apply the unused portion of the permit fees from Vehicle A to Vehicle B’s registration fee due. In doing a transfer, the owner of the new car and the old car must be the same.

You must have original current registration, which contains the plate number, decal number, and audit number. If you do not have the current registration you must purchase a certified copy in this office, any online agent or DMV, before you can transfer the plates. There is a $15.00 fee for a certified copy of a registration to the State and a $2.50 agent fee to the Town.

A person may transfer as many times as they want, but never back to the old vehicle or to any vehicle previously owned by the person. A second name can be added or deleted depending on the new title or bill of sale.

Lease Vehicle Transfers and Surviving Spouse Transfers are the only time when a transfer can be made where the first owner of the original registration does NOT match the first owner of the transfer registration. (Additional paperwork may be required for surviving spouse transfers, such as copy of death certificate.)

Can I transfer my spouse’s car to my name? ~ The plate belongs to the owner. The first name on a registration "owns" the plate. If your spouse’s car did not have your name on the old registration and the new car purchased has both names, provided you list your spouse’s name first on the registration, then you can transfer. If the new vehicle is in your name only, you can not transfer

Non-Resident Registrations

According to RSA 261:46, Non-residents may register vehicles providing that they have a permanent Gilford address and that the vehicle will be garaged "principally" in the State of New Hampshire. That generally means that no non-resident vehicle can go out of state on an overnight basis. http://www.gencourt.state.nh.u...

Antique Vehicles - RSA259:4 "Antique motor vehicle or motorcycle" shall mean any motor vehicle over 25 years old which is maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest.

- Vehicle must be over 25 years old (in its 26th year)

Heavy Weight Vehicles- You may now complete your renewals for overweight vehicles up to 26,000 lbs. at the Town Clerk's Office.  Anything over 26,001 or Apportion Plates will need to be completed at the Concord DMV.  Remember, if your vehicle falls into this category, you still need to process the Town portion first before going to Concord.

Below is a sample template that can be printed out and used for a bill of sale.

Click here for the Bill of Sale Template