Gilford Fire-Rescue Permit Applications (Click on the file name)

Aviation Fueling Permit

Blasting Permit

Fire Alarm Installation Permit

Fireworks Display Permit

Gas System Pressure Test

Life Safety Systems Pre-Inspection Checklist

LP Equipment Installation Permit

Mobile Food Operations

Oil Equipment Installation Permit

Permit Fees

Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permit

Sprinkler System Installation Permit

Underground Storage Tank Permit

Ventilation and Fire Protection Equipment Permit

These permits may be printed and presented, with payment, to Gilford Fire-Rescue at 39 Cherry Valley Road, Gilford.

  • Completed and signed permits may be e-mailed: Attn: Administrative Assistant at Installation will not be scheduled until payment is made. 
  • Checks are Payable to the Town of Gilford.  All checks must have the exact location by physical address of the installation in the memo portion of the check.  In case of cash payment, exact cash must accompany the permit when submitted. A signed copy of the permit shall serve as a receipt for permit fees.
  • Twenty-four hour notice is required for scheduling inspections.
  • Unless the Installer is acting as the property owner’s agent, they are to inform the property owner to contact Gilford Fire-Rescue 603-527-4758 to schedule the inspection upon completion of the installation.