Gunstock Acres Village Water District

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LRW Water Services, Inc.


Gunstock Acres Village Water District

On May 30, 1981 the citizens of Gunstock Acres voted to create the Gunstock Acres Village District, pursuant to RSA Chapter 52. It was subsequently renamed, Gunstock Acres Village Water District to reflect the district’s purpose.

The Gunstock Acres community has continued to grow over the ensuing years and the Water District has been able to live up to the challenge of servicing the ever-growing community. We are now delivering more than 80,000 gallons of water per day and the District services over 750 accounts. Today, the water district is fully prepared to absorb the needs of all possible growth in our community. The Water District is self funding accruing no cost to the Town of Gilford. Our operation is funded by assessment to the members of our community and a precinct tax leveled at the property owners.

Several years ago when we were faced with a severe drought, it became apparent to the commissioners that we needed new water sources and updated equipment to take better advantage of the existing water sources. After a thorough review of the possible routes toward solving our problems, the Commissioners decided to look for new sources of water rather than constructing storage facilities. Since that decision, we have drilled the new wells all yielding a significant amount of water. Those wells added to our existing seven, will insure that we have the water to meet all possible needs.

We have updated our pump operations by installing Variable Frequency Controls that help to optimize our use of water.  Our processing systems, which insure the continued safety of our water, have been modernized. Tighter controls over water conservation have been maintained through the full system.

Our newly-installed computer/radio transmission system insures a high degree of conservation by allowing early detection of water line breaks which have caused us difficulties in the past.  This system has to date saved us a great deal of money, for without it GAVWD would have to place water meters on every home in the district. This would cost significantly more, not to mention the cost to maintain a staff to read and bill on a periodic basis.  In conjunction with this system, is an extensive electronic security system which will contact authorities and sound a local alarm should any act of vandalism occur at a pump station or well site.

To date all of this has been accomplished without the need for external financing.  We pride ourselves on an efficient operation.

The District continues to be operated with an eye to the future.  As an example, in anticipation of declining production of existing wells, we have almost completed the process of securing easements for more water to the district at minimal cost to the district.

Our operator is, LRW Water Services, Inc. Phone: 603-476-5378. To be notified in an emergency please call this number and ask to be placed on the alert system

For all new water connections, please contact our water operator.

Be advised our water operator will respond to emergencies where the break is on GAVWD side of the line.  If however, the break is from the street connection to your house, it is your responsibility.  Should our water operator be called outside of normal business hours or on holidays, there will be a minimum charge of one hundred (100) dollars to shut the water off at the street.

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